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February 2022

Due to COVID restrictions Urban Forestry is sending out invites to on-site sessions to those who were active in 2019 or have signed up to receive them since them. The general High Park Stewards email list is for anyone interested in finding out more about our group. I have created a series of newsletters for the main group to help those who want to do something to help increase biodiversity and/or who love native plants and wildlife.

There are many groups working on gardening, habitat restoration and conservation projects that all need members to participate in whatever way they can. One good thing to come out of COVID restrictions is that there is an enormous increase in recordings of meetings and workshops available free on demand on a wide variety of topics. The newsletters will help those wanting more information to find it in a timely manner. They are ad-hoc and created when there is a specific reason like, a federal election, plant sales to promote, timely gardening tasks to do etc.

Robin and Mountain Ash berries
Robins love the berries from Mountain Ash trees in early September (photo: Sharon Lovett)

These pdf versions of the newsletters include links to the organizations and web pages referred to so please enjoy. This will be updated as needed.

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