Volunteer in Toronto’s High Park

We love High Park. We are all Stewards…

High Park Stewards

Volunteer Stewards have been working with the City of Toronto since 1996 to protect and restore the unique natural heritage of High Park. We also promote the use of native plants beyond the park's borders.

High Park Natural Environment Committee

A volunteer group that advises the City of Toronto on the protection and restoration of the natural environment of High Park. We also promote awareness and respectful enjoyment of the park's natural heritage.

Boulevard Bed Squad

The Boulevard Beds were officially opened in the late summer of 2004 and are maintained and renewed by volunteers. This demonstration garden showcases wildflowers and shrubs common to High Park's Black Oak Savannah that could be incorporated into a home garden.

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How else can I contribute?

There are many other ways to get involved as a volunteer in High Park.

The High Park Dogs On Leash Committee conducts “walkabouts” within the park a few times a month, for 1-2 hours at a time. Volunteers in groups of two or more stroll the park together distributing informative brochures, stickers, and doggie treats to dog walkers/owners, to promote the "Take the Lead" program. They engage in positive interactions to raise awareness about how park users can protect High Park's nature and support their community by keeping dogs leashed. You can learn more about Take the Lead here. To volunteer or get more information, please contact highparkonleash@gmail.com.

To find out about volunteer opportunities at the High Park Nature Centre, contact the centre.

Park Watch is a group of volunteers dedicated to keeping High Park a safe and friendly place for everyone to enjoy. The volunteers act as hosts, provide information and assistance when needed, and identify and report any potential safety problems to park staff or police. For more information email Park Watch.

Sunday Walking Tours: Help organize tours and introduce the tour leader. For more information email Sunday Walking Tours.

Volunteer opportunities across the City (including in High Park) are available through the Natural Environment and Community Partnerships division of Forestry. For more information please call 311 or email greentoronto@toronto.ca.


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