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Maps of High Park

Download a PDF map of High Park on your right or explore an interactive High Park map that we created for you below (click to activate; you can show and hide layers or groups of markers depending on what you are looking for). For more historical and specialized maps of High Park see also our dedicated section »

High Park Stewards Guidebook: Rare Plants of the Endangered High Park Black Oak Savannah

Sample | Poster

A plant and habitat guide, history of High Park, account of volunteering experiences and catalog of stewardship resources all in one entertaining pocket-sized book.


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Groups and Programs found in High Park

High Park Stewards

Volunteer opportunities available

Volunteer Stewards have been working with the City of Toronto since 1996, to protect and restore the remaining natural areas of High Park. Learn more »

  • Black Oak Savannah restoration through such activities like planting native species and removing invasive plants, or work in the greenhouse on transplanting and seed-cleaning.
  • Wildflower gardening on Boulevard beds »
  • Speaker educational series during Winter/Spring season. Learn more »

See also Other Groups & Events

Great Blue Heron. Photo: Pat Parent

High Park Natural Environment Committee

Volunteer opportunities available

The High Park Natural Environment Committee is a volunteer group that advises the City of Toronto on the protection and restoration of the natural environment of High Park, and promotes awareness and respectful enjoyment of the park's natural heritage.  Learn more »

High Park Nature Centre

The High Park Nature Centre is a non-profit organization that was established in 1999. The High Park Nature Centre promotes awareness and respect for nature through outdoor environmental education and park stewardship. Nature Centre programs inspire a sense of wonder, knowledge, and respect for High Park’s natural systems; restore human connections to local plants and animals; and engage children and families in ecological restoration activities to ensure a sustainable future for High Park for generations to come.

  • Nature walks
  • Camps and nature clubs for kids
  • Field trips and birthday parties
  • Adult workshops and nature clubs

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What's New?

Welcome to Our New Website!

By High Park Nature | September 14, 2020
Since the High Park Nature website was first launched in 2010, it has provided a wealth of information about the natural features of High Park. Now we are pleased to…

New Treatment for Buckthorn

By High Park Nature | July 9, 2020
This summer Urban Forestry is partnering in a demonstration trial with BioForest, a forest pest management company, to manage invasive buckthorn shrubs using the bioherbicide Chontrol Peat Paste. The active…

Toronto Star article, January 13, 2020

By High Park Nature | April 5, 2020
“We love High Park for its natural beauty. Will that love be the death of it?” Read the article or The Star Pressreader version

High Park Christmas Bird Count Results

By High Park Nature | December 27, 2019
The most recent High Park Christmas Bird Count was held on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019 (a very windy day). The High Park route ended up with 43 species, our lowest since…

High Park Stewards Summary 2019

By High Park Nature | December 1, 2019
There were over 280 participants (between 110 individuals coming at least once) who came out to High Park Stewards field restoration events. The average number of Stewards that attended each…








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