Wildflowers of High Park

The grasses, shrubs and scattered trees of High Park's black oak savannah are intermingled with wildflowers that spark with colour. The savannah turns blue with wild lupines in June, and pink and yellow when the Showy Tick Trefoil and Goldenrod are on display.

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The plants are grown in the Greenhouses as part of the High Park Stewards Program. Use native plants in your garden and help native species thrive!

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Locally Rare Wildflowers in High Park Savannah

High Park’s black oak savannah has a few native wildflowers, such as wild lupine and New Jersey tea, that are rare in the Toronto area. Some of these are featured in two articles reprinted here from the Toronto Field Naturalist newsletter:

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Wild Lupines. Photo: Sharon Lovett
Wild Lupines. Photo: Sharon Lovett
Cylindrical Blazing Star. Photo: Sharon Lovett
Cylindrical Blazing Star. Photo: Sharon Lovett

Explore all the wildflowers of High Park, organized by colour and genus. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

High Park Stewards Guidebook: Rare Plants of the Endangered High Park Black Oak Savannah

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A plant and habitat guide, history of High Park, account of volunteering experiences and catalog of stewardship resources all in one entertaining pocket-sized book.


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Stewards 2021 Review

The High Park Stewards in-field stewardship events resumed in July 2021 after being put on hold due to COVID-19 resurgences during the first part of the year.  The first event for 2021 was held on July 25th.  Similarly to last…








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