About High Park NatureShort history and purpose

About High Park Nature

High Park Nature is a joint initiative of the High Park Stewards and the High Park Natural Environment Committee.

We are dedicated to educating and informing park users and Toronto residents about High Park's unique natural heritage and the steps being taken to protect and restore it. These natural features are a legacy from John and Jemima Howard to the citizens of Toronto – a legacy that we, in turn, can pass on to future generations.

Since the 1990s our volunteers have been active in collecting native plant seeds within the Park, planting native species in numerous locations, clearing invasive species, holding educational sessions and advocating for park policies and practices that preserve and restore the Park's natural heritage.

About the High Park Nature website

The purpose of the High Park Nature website is to raise awareness of the significant natural features of High Park and to promote respectful enjoyment of the park. This website contains a wealth of information about the Park including its geology, flora, fauna, habitats and restoration efforts.

In 2010 we established the original highparknature.org website. In 2019 the site's contents were updated and transferred to this WordPress-based site. This enables our material to accommodate a variety of browsing devices and take advantage of many additional features.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions and written contributions.

High Park Nature is a partner of Ontario Nature
High Park Nature is an affiliate member of ProtectNatureTO
High Park Nature is an affiliate member of ProtectNatureTO
Design of the High Park Nature website 2010-2019
Design of the High Park Nature website 2010-2019
Creator: Galbraith Photo Co.
Lower Duck Pond. Photo: Barbi Lazarus
Railway crossing at the south end of the park, High Park, 1890. Photo: City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 200, Series 376, File 5, Item 15

About the Photos

Most of this website's photos were contributed by local photographers and taken in High Park. Please do not copy or reproduce them without permission.

If you are interested in contributing photos, please contact mail@highparknature.org.

Red-winged Blackbird female at nest. Photo: Tony Pus
American Toad. Photo: Tony Pus
Eastern Amberwing female. Photo: Bob Yukich
Fiery Skipper. Photo: Bob Yukich
Red Squirrel. Photo: JM

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