Responsible Use – Toronto’s High Park

Please enjoy the park in a responsible manner so it can be enjoyed by others now and for generations to come. The park is used by so many people. Actions that may seem relatively harmless (such as picking flowers, feeding ducks or letting a dog run off-trail) can have serious consequences if they are repeated by many other park visitors. Please remember you are not just one person, but one of many.


The High Park off-leash area is 8.5 acres of open area (Dog Hill) and designated trails. It is clearly marked with signs and fencing and is intended for all park users, not just dog owners.

Fishing Responsibly

Conscientious anglers can help maintain a balanced population at Grenadier Pond by following sport fishing regulations and learning how to properly catch and release fish.

Sustainable Trails

High Park has a network of official trails that help people access areas of the park in a way that is safe for people and nature alike.  However, over the years many small unofficial footpaths and trails have developed while existing trails have widened.  This has increased the impact on the natural environment of flora and fauna.

Foraging Not Permitted

The injury and removal of plants in public parks, forests and ravines is prohibited by the Toronto Parks Bylaw, Chapter 608.

§ 608-6. Injury and damage.

No person shall in a park:

  • Climb a building, structure or equipment, unless it is equipment designed for climbing;
  • Break, injure, deface, destroy, move or remove the whole or any part of a flower, plant material, fungus, tree or other vegetation or a building, structure, equipment or other property of the City;
  • Unless authorized by permit, climb, move or remove the whole or any part of a tree, rock, boulder, rock face or remove soil, sand or wood;
  • In any manner, disturb ground which is under repair, prepared for planting, has been newly seeded or sodded or is in an area posted to that effect;
  • Drive, park or walk in an area posted to prohibit the activity; or
  • Unless authorized by permit, place, throw, cast or otherwise deposit snow.

§ 608-29. Bicycles.

While in a park, no person shall:

  • Ride or operate or be in possession of a bicycle where posted to prohibit bicycles;
  • Obstruct, inconvenience or endanger other users of the park while riding or operating a bicycle;
  • Construct or assemble any ramps, jumps, pathways or obstacle courses; or
  • Ride or operate a bicycle in a manner which results in damage to trails, vegetation, trees, fauna or other natural features.

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Know Park Signs

Environmentally Significant Areas are spaces within Toronto’s natural heritage system that require special protection to preserve their environmentally significant qualities. Learn more »

Toronto Parks Bylaw, § 608-36. Protection of wildlife.

While in a park, no person shall:

  • Subject to the provisions of § 608-37 [Zoos and Animal Displays], kill, attempt to kill, maim, injure, trap or disturb wildlife without a permit;
  • Touch, injure or remove a nest or egg without a permit;
  • Feed or attempt to feed or deposit food for consumption by wildlife; or
  • Release into a park pets, animals or domesticated species.

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