Story and Art project – My High Park

Sarah Nemeth is a local artist and long time enjoyer of Toronto's High Park. Sarah has created a series of paintings inspired by our stories and experiences within High Park. The paintings and stories together create a beautiful archive about who we are and how High Park has touched our lives. Learn more at Sarah's .

Seasons. Painting by Sarah Nemeth

April 2018: Seasons

"I used to live around Grenadier Pond when I was in university. I never went to the park. I lived basically a few minutes walk from the park, but I’d never been there. Then I discovered a family nature walk in NOW magazine. Oh, I thought, somebody’s leading a walk and they’re going to talk about things in the park. I better go..."

Story by Andrew Yee


Winter Pond. Painting by Sarah Nemeth

February 2018:   Winter Pond

"Toronto offers an array of winter activities to keep most sports enthusiasts happy. One activity I have recently become reacquainted with is skating..."

Story by Lynda Dunal


Crash. Painting by Sarah Nemeth.

October 2017: Crash

"For many years my son participated in the Big Brothers Soap Box Derby. The event was traditionally held every September on Centre Road. He attended his first derby at the age of 7 years. After that first year he gained the nick-name of “Crash” and you..."

Story by Dianne


The Bowling Field. Painting by Sarah Nemeth

September 2017: The Bowling Field

"This is a space in the city where kids can have the freedom to explore, tinker, build and play. During the summer months goldenrod, thistle, grasses and shrubs grow high..."

Based on a conversation with Jon Hayes, Program Director of the High Park Nature Centre


Hidden Presence. Painting by: Sarah Nemeth

August 2017: Hidden Presence

"In the way that we tend to take for granted so many of the fundamentally important things in life, I have never really thought of High Park in thematic terms. But in doing so now I discovered that there is a thread connecting my many years' worth of activities in the park..."

Story by AJ Alberti

Note from the artist:

I sat on a bench in High Park looking for inspiration for this painting. For some reason as I sat there I felt compelled to turn around and read the inscription on the bench. It read:

“May you know that absence is alive with hidden presence, nothing is ever lost or forgotten”


Lupins. Painting by Sarah Nemeth

June 2017: Lupins

"I walked through the Black Oak Savannah of High Park with forestry technician for Urban Forestry John La Rose. The birds and crickets sang in full throttle, the earth smelled rich and moist and the foliage glistened in the sun after the brief and intense rain. John pointed out the wildflowers as we walked..."

Story by John LaRose


The Hill. Painting by Sarah Nemeth

May 2017: The Hill

"Like many people, my husband and I like to get some exercise in High Park... We particularly like the Rock Garden path because it provides an up-and-down loop. We trained there for climbing Kilimanjaro a few years ago, and we eventually calculated that we had climbed eight Kilimanjaros during our months on the Rock Garden loop..."

Story by Kathryn Naylor


Gratitude. Painting by: Sarah Nemeth

April 2017: Gratitude

"On my regular walks around High Park I marvel at the wide range of sights, smells and experiences which are available to me, and other, to freely enjoy. ...I appreciate the many individuals, and groups, who came before me and who made contributions to help ensure that High Park is a wonderful natural pocket in the middle of Toronto for now and well into the future..."

Story by Michael Ball


Luna. Painting by Sarah Nemeth

March 2017: Luna

"When Honey was born, High Park Zoo was in a fight for its life...."

Story by Sandy, a High Park Zookeeper


Park Watch. Painting by Sarah Nemeth

February 2017: Park Watch

“For over fifteen years, I have spent every Sunday, adorned in a yellow park watch vest, as a host to visitors to High Park..."

Story by John Hardie

Find the hidden capybara and caiman in the painting!

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OURSpace. Painting by Sarah Neneth

January 2017: OURSpace

"This past summer I was sitting on the logs in OURSpace (the fenced field behind the High Park Forest School that now houses the Nature Centre) with some children during lunch..."

Story by Chantale Spencer


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