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For five years, from Spring 1994 to Winter 1998, the High Park Quarterly was published by local resident Gigi Suhanic. This magazine documents a very fertile period of restoration and community involvement in High Park, as well as many other fascinating aspects of the park's past, present and hopes for the future.

Many thanks to Gigi Suhanic for creating this publication and for giving High Park Nature permission to post it on our website.

Volume 1, 1994-95

1-1: Volume One, Number One Spring 1994

  • What’s All The Fuss About – High Park Has Been in the News a Lot Lately, What Got It There?
  • Securing Park Safety (Gigi Suhanic)
  • The Black Oak Savannah (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Can Grenadier Pond Be Saved? (Jill Franklin)
  • Pondering Freedom in the Winter and Spring of Our Discontent (Marylou Kumagai)


1-2: Volume One, Number Two Summer 1994

  • Grenadier’s West Slope Poised for Subdivision (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Filtering Out the Facts of Grenadier Pond’s Sedimentation Facility (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Testing Testing – The Oak Savannah Project Launches Into Test Mode (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Goosing the Canada Geese (Jill Franklin)
  • Woof Woof, Sniff Sniff – Welcome to Dog Hill (Sam Eller)
  • A Dream of a Summer Night – Shakespeare in High Park (Marylou Kumagai)
  • The Oaks of High Park (David Orsini)
  • High Park in History – Prominent Toronto Family Sold Eastern Lands to City in 1876 (Joan Miles)


1-3: Volume One, Number Three Fall 1994

  • Update – Signage, Savannah Test Plots, Grenadier Pond Development
  • Seeds of Time – Harvesting High Park History (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Harry Says So Long (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Cruising High Park’s South End (Sam Eller)
  • Hollywood in High Park (Jill Franklin)
  • The Usual Crop of Nuts (Marylou Kumagai)
  • High Park’s Aviary Activity (Bob Yukich)
  • Grenadier Pond Purchased to Avoid Costly Legal Suit (Joan Miles)


1-4: Volume One, Number Four Winter 1995

  • Briefly – Battle Over Subdivision on Grenadier Pond Shore, Events at Colborne Lodge
  • Making it Work, Work and Work – Proposals for $500,000 in Infrastructure Spending (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Reaching for Grenadier Pond’s Pristine Past (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Art in the Park (Jill Franklin)
  • The Only Innocent Eyes Were Mine – A Holiday Celebration at Colborne Lodge (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Ecotones – Insects and Reptiles “Supercool” to Avoid “Death by Freezing” (Christine Tu)
  • Intriguing Traces of Native Burial Mound (Joan Miles)


Volume 2, 1995

2-1: Volume Two, Number One Spring 1995

  • Briefly – Llama’s Maternity, Ban on Plastic Straws and Lids
  • Eyeing a Park Watch Program (Gigi Suhanic)
  • High Park Citizens’ Committee Shoot for Broad Based Membership (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Mountain Bike Blues (Paul Rappell)
  • Classroom in the Woods (Jill Franklin)
  • Bruce is All Talk and No Bite (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Ecosystems, Beauty and Survival (David Orsini)
  • John Howard Gentleman Farmed High Park (Joan Miles)


2-2: Volume Two, Number Two Summer 1995

  • Briefly – Grenadier Pond Photos
  • An Easy Sell – High Park Foundation Was Recent Beneficiary of Road Race Sponsored by AGRA Earth and Environmental (Gigi Suhanic)
  • The Magic of Drummer’s Knoll (Gigi Suhanic)
  • John Howard’s Secret Children (Jill Franklin)
  • Art in the Park – Waraba Aska (Jill Franklin)
  • Soaking Up the Summer fun (Marylou Kumagai)
  • The Treasures of High Park (Joanne Doucette)
  • Ukrainian Poetess’ Classical Reign (Joan Miles)


2-3: Volume Two, Number Three Fall 1995

  • Briefly – Ducks Unlimited Sponsors Clean Up of Pond, High Park Greenhouse Display at CNE
  • Volunteers
  • Weathered by Time and Events, The High Park Zoo Keeps on Keeping On (Gigi Suhanic)
  • John Albert and the Hihg Park (Jill Franklin)
  • The Invisible Insect Tour of ’95 (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Stelco in Swansea Claimed Riverbank Rights Over Grenadier Pond (Joan Miles)


2-4: Volume Two, Number Four Winter 1995

  • Briefly – Donation from Funeral Home to Plant Trees in High Park, Bass Bouncing Back, Conservation at West End Schools
  • It’s Dog Eat Dog in High Park (Gigi Suhanic)
  • More Shoreline Rehab Eyed
  • Jemima Howard – First Lady of High Park (Jill Franklin)
  • Raymond Souster's Extraordinary Ordinariness
  • Poetry – High Park Cross Country Run (Raymond Souster)
  • This Year We’re Cool About Winter (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Naturalist’s Notebook: Grubs, skunks part of Savannah healing process (Terry Fahey)
  • No Toboganning in Sanctimonious Ice Box (Joan Miles)


Volume 3, 1996

3-1: Volume Three, Number One Spring 1996

  • Briefly – Schools Grow Wetland Plants, Park Watch Revived
  • Making a Grab for the New Parkside Playground (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Railroad Carnage Rocks High Park in 1884 (Jill Franklin)
  • Grenadier Pond’s 12 Year Old Sea Serpent (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Park View Worth $71,000 Per Year, Economist Says (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Public Voyeurism at the Overs Hearing (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Taking the Hardline with Mountain Bikes
  • Stewardship Program Gets Underway
  • Underground Springs Spawn Park Road Name (Joan Miles)


3-2: Volume Three, Number Two Summer 1996

  • Briefly – New Café Named for Oaks, Ducks Unlimited Donation to High Park
  • Oak Woodlands Project Back on the Front Burner (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Dogs Always Make for Hot Debate
  • Goose Bylaw Should Go After the Big Buns
    The Ridout Suicide (Jill Franklin)
  • Citizen Involvement Critical To Reclaim Abandoned Parks (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Bruce Barks Up the Wrong Tree (Marylou Kumagai)
  • New Raptor Watchgroup Flying High (Gigi Suhanic)
  • New World Roots of Ancient, Royal Golf Grown in High Park (Joan Miles)
  • Archeological Dig Turns up Howard Garden


3-3: Volume Three, Number Three Fall 1996

  • Briefly – Deer Released from High Park Zoo, High Park Harvest Festival
  • Get Angry and Get Even (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Pervert Alert Campaign Perks Up Park Watch (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Pilot Project Tests Living Machine
  • Howard and Jarvis (Jill Franklin)
  • Inner Children Need Fun Too (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Volunteers Critical to Oak Woodlands’ Success
  • Pond’s Potential Exploited by 19th Century Owners (Joan Miles)


3-4: Volume Three, Number Four Winter 1996

  • Briefly – Colborne Lodge Christmas
  • Celebration, Renovations at Grenadier Restaurant, Mobile Teams Coming to Park Watch Program
  • High Park Zoo Cuts Back Herds (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Tiny Yorkville Park’s Rocky Road to Success (Gigi Suhanic)
  • John Howard’s Foray Into Lunacy (Jill Franklin)
  • Early Playground Advocates Cited Physical, Mental, Moral Benefits (Joan Miles)
  • Cars Slaying Toronto’s Oaks
  • Cement Mixes Up Oaks (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Fleeting Moments and Tiny Treasures (Marylou Kumagai)


Volume 4, 1997

4-1: Volume Four, Number One Spring 1997

  • Briefly – Pizza Pizza Proposal, City Proposes Compostable Toilets, Renovations at Tennis Club
  • Whistling Pistol a Quacky Idea
  • Sherwood Park’s Old Growth Forest
  • Spawning Pike Get New Park
  • North Toronto Greener’s Host Tour (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Memorial Garden Full of Life (Gigi Suhanic)
  • In the Park When It’s Dark (Ken Winlaw)
  • Boating Pleasures on Pond Lasted for Three Decades (Joan Miles)
  • Wetland Glory Days Return on Grenadier Pond
  • Lupines Part of Butterfly Puzzle
  • Burn News Spreads Like Wildfire (Marylou Kumagai)


4-2: Volume Four, Number Two Summer 1997

  • City Wages Traffic War on Gay Cruising
  • A Folly of Honour - The short life and brutal death of a member of one of High Park's founding families (Ken Winlaw)
  • Wintergreen High in Vitamin C
  • School for Visually Impaired Plans Arts and Crafts Auction


4-3: Volume Four, Number Three Fall 1997

  • Discover Parks – Take a Walk
  • High Park Founder’s Treasures Unearthed
  • Things Growing “Berry” Well in Fire Country (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Honouring Garrison Creek with Green
  • Watching Raptors Like Hawks
  • Historic Recipes from Colborne Lodge
  • It Was a Dirty Job But Somebody Had to Do It (Joan Miles)
  • Hunting the Hunters High Above Hawk Hill (Marylou Kumagai)


Volume 5, 1998

5-1: Volume Five, Number One Spring 1998

  • Hummingbird, Grenadier Café in Tune
  • Park Home to Five Romance Hot Spots (Ken Winlaw)
  • Park Watch Celebrates First Anniversary (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Park Founder Pocketed More Than $16Gs for 'Gift' (Sandra Black)
  • Howard on the High Seas
  • 1873 Deal Still Blocks Booze
  • High Park Photo Contest
  • Fido Has a Chip on His Shoulder
  • Historic Recipes from Colborne Lodge – Hot Cross Buns
  • Bilingual Bruce – A Real Tongue Wagger (Marylou Kumagai)
  • Lady’s Slipper Our Local Orchid


5-2: Volume Five, Number Two Summer 1998

  • Briefly – Name That Pond, Upcoming Dredging on Grenadier Pond, Cost of New Adventure Playground, Leopard Frog Spotted
  • Taking a Crack at Oiling Canada Goose Eggs (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Controversy Still Brewing Over Condo Project (Gigi Suhanic)
  • CD Rom a First in North America
  • ABC’S of New Plants Contained in New Children’s Garden
  • More Traffic Lights This Summer for Treacherous Parkside
  • New Drill for Colborne Lodge Drive
  • Historic Gardens Restored (Sandra Black)
  • A Healing Flame
  • Heatstroke is Deadly (Gary Rosnick)
  • Recipes from Colborne Lodge – Fruit Compote
  • Cinquefoil’s Magic Medicine
  • Recycle Rain, Reduce Pollution
  • Start Therapy Cautiously for 'Picnicophobia' (Marylou Kumagai)


5-3: Volume Five, Number Three Fall 1998

  • Briefly – Trees Face Axe, Dead Condo Project May Grow Park
  • Swans’ Eggs Cooked
  • Angella Issajenko: Tough and Defiant (Gigi Suhanic)
  • Villa Influenced by Mad King’s Son (Sandra Black)
  • Parkside Drive Excluded from Safety Program
  • Pet Folklore and Myth (Gary Rosnick)
  • Pumpkin Part of Fall Fare
  • Rare Bird Makes Stunning Appearance
  • Herb Robert Healed Cankers
  • Bats and Others of the Night (Marylou Kumagai)


5-4: Volume Five, Number Four Winter 1998

  • Briefly – Liquor Permit, Electric Car Test Drive in High Park
  • Book Ideas for the Armchair Adventurer (Ken Winlaw)
  • The Best and Worst of ‘98
  • Toronto the "Sanctimonious Ice Box" (Sandra Black)
  • John Howard Rescued Brother-in-law from Icy Lake Ontario Waters (Sandra Black)
  • Group of Seven Fire (Ken Winlaw)
  • Gingerbread is a Snap
  • Beetle Released to Eat Away at Plants
  • Treat Aggression Right Away (Gary Rosnick)
  • Getting High in High Park (Marylou Kuamagai)
  • Don’t Sneeze at Goldenrod









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