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Interpretive Signs Project

Learn more about the pond's origins and diverse plants and wildlife from new interpretive signs. A project of High Park Nature in partnership with the City of Toronto, supported by a grant from TD Friends of the Environment with financial administration by Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

Feedback on Phase 1

Prototype: The Patient Hunter

Phase 1: Grenadier Pond Signs

Phase 1 Media release

Villager article

Locations of Grenadier Pond signs - Phase 1

Phase 2 signs installed July 2015:

Phase 2: Grenadier Pond Signs - Part 1

Phase 2: Grenadier Pond Signs - Part 2

Phase 2: Phase 2: Other Signs

Volunteers are still needed to help with writing and photos for more web pages.


Photos from Sign Opening Event, September 30, 2012

"Grenadier Pond - More Than Meets the Eye!"
Kevin Fabian spoke on behalf of TD Friends of the Environment
Karen Yukich welcomed everyone.
Steven Rose pulled out his monster lens!
Barbi Lazarus celebrated the remarkable comeback of cormorant populations.
Colin Marcano commented on how we value nature more when we know more about it.
Bob Yukich explained the life cycle of dragonflies & damselflies.
Steven Rose, Karen Yukich, Colin Marcano & Kevin Fabian.
We noticed various wildlife and plants along the way.
A lovely day for a walk along the pond!
Frank Remiz took us back in geological time to the last ice age to trace the pond's origin.
Jess Woods found beauty as well as remarkable hardiness in the invasive phragmites.
Oksana Kulczycky with the geological map she redrew.
Above photos taken by Sharon Lovett and Karen Yukich.


"I used to live by High Park a few years ago and just moved back into the city this year, right beside High Park again. The first thing I did was go for a run and your signs made it pretty difficult for me get in a good run. I kept stopping to read one, run a few more steps, stop to read another, stop, read, run, stop, read, run. It was great! Thanks so much for doing all the organizing to make that happen. I'm so soothed to know that people are out there working hard to share the wild spaces!" - SL

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