Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer Opportunities


High Park Stewards

Volunteer Stewards have been working with the City of Toronto since 1996, to protect and restore the remaining natural areas of High Park including large areas of Savannah with Black Oak trees and related flora and fauna. During the spring, summer and fall we plant, collect seeds, and remove invasive species from restoration sites. READ MORE

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer in High Park.

See High Park Stewards. Community service hours are available through this volunteer stewardship program.

See High Park Natural Environment Committee

To find out about volunteer opportunities at the High Park Nature Centre, contact the centre.

Park Watch is a group of volunteers dedicated to keeping High Park a safe and friendly place for everyone to enjoy. The volunteers act as hosts, provide information and assistance when needed, and identify and report any potential safety problems to park staff or police. For more information email Park Watch.

Volunteer opportunities across the City are available through the Natural Environment and Community Partnerships division of Forestry . For more information please call 311 or email greentoronto@toronto.ca.

Recently, High Park Nature partnered with other nature organizations in Toronto to form ProtectNatureTO, an informal coalition having the goal to protect wildlife and preserve and enhance remaining natural areas in the city by advocating for responsible use. We are concerned with the impacts of invasive plants and overuse by walkers, dogs and bikers in our ravines and other green spaces. The coalition started by publishing a brochure and factsheet on responsible dog-walking and the impacts of dogs on wildlife. Copies of both are available from High Park Nature.



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