Monitoring Water Quality

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Testing Grenadier Pond's Water Quality

Since 2002, volunteers have been regularly monitoring the water quality of Grenadier Pond through the Ministry of Natural Resources Lake Partner Program.

The Lake Partner Program is a province-wide, volunteer-based, water-quality monitoring program. Volunteers collect total phosphorus samples and make monthly water clarity observations on their lakes. This information will allow the early detection of changes in the nutrient status and/or the water clarity of the lake due to the impacts of shoreline development, climate change and other stresses.

Phosphorus levels are measured by taking water samples to submit to the Ministry of Natural Resources for testing. Water clarity is measured by lowering a Secchi disk into the water and measuring how far down it goes before it is no longer visible. Results are posted on the Lake Partner website mentioned above. Results up to 2012:  Phosphorus    Secchi Depth

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Ray Bielaskie taking water sample
Katherine Pawling
Secchi disk measures pond clarity
Katherine Pawling
Phosphorus results (ug/L)
Test Samples 1 & 2

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