Site Restoration Techniques

See also Savannah Wildflowers and Grasses & Sedges

See also Sculpture Hill

The new savannah near the Forest School is known as the Sculpture Garden Site by Urban Forestry or the Butterfly Garden by the Nature Centre staff and children. Restoration began with large sculptures being removed and a heavy black tarps were laid down to kill the many weeds in the soil and to make it easier to dig into. Seeds were collected in the park and nurtured in the native plant greenhouse and nursery.

After a year the site had its first planting by the Volunteer Stewards and Urban Forestry in September 2009. A second planting in June 2010 was followed by a third in September 2010. Within a year, the area first planted was transformed back to the savannah it was before the years of mowing and recreational activities.

First a tarp is laid to kill the weeds
Sculpture Garden Site
Plants are grown in the High Park greenhouse
Sculpture Garden Site
Volunteers and Urban Forestry plant (2009)
Sculpture Garden Site
New plants have a chance to thrive
Sculpture Garden Site
Sept. 2009 plants on July 2010
Sculpture Garden Site
Wildlife have a home (Skipper butterfly)
Sculpture Garden Site

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