Restoration Challenges

- Controlling Invasive Plants

- Ontario Invasive Plants Council.

- Invasive Plant Index (US) (great photos).

Restoration Results

- Improvements for Wildlife

Restoration Techniques

- Prescribed Burns

- Oak Regeneration

- Plantings of Native Species

- Sustainable Trails

- Stormwater Ponds

- Phosphorus Reduction

- Fluctuating Water Levels

- Monitoring Water Quality

- Canada Geese Management

- Mute Swan Population Management

See also:

- High Park's status as an Environmentally Significant Area:

- Urban Forestry High Park projects

- Restoration Handout from 2013 Walking Tour

- Restoration Handout from 2009 Walking Tour

- Planting the Seed A Guide to Establishing Prairie and Meadow Communities in Southern Ontario, Environment Canada

- Tallgrass Ontario website and literature page

- What is Ecological Restoration?

- High Park Woodland & Savannah Management Plan pdf (City of Toronto report, 2 mb)

- Human Impacts on Plant Life in High Park pdf by Wendy Rothwell. This article first appeared in the November 2006 issue of Toronto Field Naturalist, newsletter of Toronto Field Naturalists.

- Seasons article 1997

- Community Involvement in the Restoration of High Park pdf - paper on the history of the Volunteer Stewardship Program, 1999

- Oak Savannah Restoration presentation ppt by Beth McEwen and Jennifer Gibb, City of Toronto, Forestry, at a Wildland Fire Canada conference in October 2010.

- High Park Protocol - A Discussion Paper, 1997 pdf

- ANSI Report - A Botanical Inventory and Evaluation of the High Park Woodlands, S. Varga, 1989 pdf

- Proposals for the Rehabilitation of Grenadier Pond et al, Gartner Lee, 1995 Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

- Cameron Smith's Toronto Star column, A city jewel badly needs a benefactor (re: Grenadier Pond)

Young Oak
Janice Wilcox
Wild Lupine
Sharon Lovett
Himalayan Balsam
Mehdi Zarrei

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