For matters related to High Park: Please phone the City's information hotline: 311 or email 311@toronto.ca Your call/email will be routed to the appropriate person and you will be given a reference number so you can follow up if needed.

Emergencies: Always call 9-1-1.

Other Incidents: In case of an incident or concern that is urgent but not serious enough for 911, call the Toronto Police general number at 416-808-2222 and press 0 to speak to an operator.

Lost & Found: Call 311 or email 311@toronto.ca to report lost and found items. There is also a lost-and-found box at the Grenadier Restaurant and at the Park Office (building south of the sunken garden and flag-pole on Colborne Lodge Drive).

Concerns about wildlife protection: Call the MNR TIPS number at 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667).

Animals in distress: Contact Toronto Wildlife Centre or call TWC at (416) 631-0662.

To contact the webmaster of this site: Contact mail@highparknature.org.


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