My Park 

My Park

Personal Reflections - What does High Park mean to you? Send us your personal reflections about the park.

Art & Photography - Creative works by local artists and photographers inspired by High Park.

Story & Art Project - A series of paintings inspired by stories and experiences within High Park.

Volunteer Opportunities - Find out how you can contribute to the park.

For hands-on volunteer opportunities, see High Park Stewards (High Park Stewards). Community service hours are available through this stewardship program.

Walking Tours, Nature Hikes & Workshops - Explore the park by going on a walking tour.

Other Groups & Events - Find out about upcoming events and other items of interest happening within and outside High Park.

Responsible Use of the Park - Park rules and responsible use of the park.

Dog-walking in High Park - how to walk your dog responsibly in High Park and why you should care.

Off Leash Dog Dangers in High Park - This thoughtful article written by a veterinarian discusses a variety of injuries that may befall off leash dogs outside of designated areas and the impact that they have on wildlife and plants. A must read for dog lovers. Please pass this on to your friends in other parks Off Leash Dog Dangers in Parks and more

Sumac in Fall
Steven Rose
Artist at Grenadier Pond
Karen Yukich

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