Quotes from the Past


Many thanks to Joanne Doucette, local historian and naturalist, for sharing this fascinating collection of quotations about High Park's early years.


Source: Globe Saturday, April 17, 1880

Source: Toronto Star, April 18, 1898

Source: David Boyle, Roland B. Orr, editors. Annual Archæological Report, Ontario Archaeological Museum, Toronto, 1889, p. 74. NOTE: The editors were wrong. Native peoples were quite capable of producing petroglyphs. It’s amazing that one was found here. [JD]


Source: Report at the Canadian Institute’s Fortieth Annual Meeting, May 4th, 1889, in Proceedings of the Canadian Institute, Toronto, Being a Continuation of "The Canadian Journal of Science, Literature and History”, Volumes 6-7, 1888-1889, p. 46


Ad promoting real estate and describing High Park’s health benefits

Source: John Wilson Bengough, ed., Grip, Vol. 21-22, Toronto: Bengough Bros., 1883, p. 1869


Save the Oaks

Article written by Ernest Hemingway for the Toronto Star (under a pseudonym) in 1923.

Flower drawings: Plates from Catherine Parr Traill, Studies of Plant Life in Canada. Toronto, William Brigg, 1906 (Public Domain)

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