High Park's Habitats


Black Oak Savannah & Woodlands




Grenadier Pond


Oak Woodlands
Karen Yukich

In High Park, you can glimpse the variety of unique woodlands, wetlands and savannah habitats that once occurred throughout Toronto.

High Park’s vegetation is transitional between the Carolinian zone, a floristic region that reaches its northeasterly limit near Toronto, and the mixed hardwood zone, which extends north and east through central Ontario and Quebec. The Carolinian zone contains a high proportion of Canada’s endangered habitats and approximately 65% of Ontario’s rare species (Varga 1989).

Generally, the plateau and upper ravine slopes of High Park support dry oak forests and savannahs with a prairie understory. Lower ravine slopes and slopes facing north and east contain moist deciduous forests dominated by Red Oak with Black Cherry and Red Maple as secondary species. Mixed forests of Eastern Hemlock, Eastern White Pine and Red Oak are restricted along the lower slopes of Spring Road Ravine (Varga 1989).

Grenadier Pond
Katherine Pawling

The wetlands of Grenadier Pond and the Duck Ponds, important remnants of Toronto’s once-extensive lakeshore marshes, include extensive patches of the regionally rare sweet flag.

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