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Explore High Park in Spring

Visit High Park often to see signs of spring!

Spring Migration
While some robins overwinter in High Park, more arrive in the early days of spring. Birds (Photo by Lu Liu)
A Wave of Warblers

After the earliest birds have returned, watch out for the colourful warblers. Many species pass through on their way to the northern woods. This Yellow Warbler may even stay for the summer and breed in High Park.

Download checklists of the common woodland and wetland species.

Yellow Warbler photo by Richard Sigesmund
High Park Stewards
Native Plant Sale

This year's sale will be held on Sunday, August 23, 2020

11:00 am to 2:00 pm in front of the Greenhouse


Spring Bees

"Tickle bees" are one of the first insects you can see in the dry open areas of the oak savannah.

Solitary Ground-nesting Bees

Cellophane Bee photo by Karen Yukich
Spring at Grenadier Pond

See the feature article in the Toronto Star.

Watch the video. Read more about Grenadier Pond.

Spring Flowers

Many different flowers come into bloom as spring progresses.

Spring Wildflowers

Wild blue lupine photo by Sharon Lovett
Spring Buds

Tree buds open quickly in the warm spring sun.


Oak flower photo by Karen Yukich
Spring Butterflies

Butterflies and other insects waste no time taking advantage of the spring blooms.


Eastern Tailed-Blue photo by Karen Yukich

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