Other Ponds

Although Grenadier Pond is by far the biggest and best known of High Park's ponds, there are several ponds to explore.

The Lower and Upper Duck Ponds are located in the southeast corner of the Park.

There are three less-frequented stormwater ponds in the park: Howard, Ridout & Wendigo Ponds.

Howard and Ridout Ponds are at the north end of Spring Creek and can be enjoyed while on the Spring Creek trails.

(Spring Creek trail itself surfaces over the historic Laurentian River, seeping through the substrate deep underneath.)

Wendigo Pond can be found on the west ravine nature trails at the north end of Grenadier Pond.

Stormwater ponds are used to trap sediment from rainfall run-off. These ponds also provide habitat for wetland species, including wood duck which have successfully bred at both the Howard/Ridout Ponds and the Duck Ponds. Black-crowned Night-Herons can be seen hunting or resting in nearby trees.

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Black-crowned Night-Heron
Richard Sigesmund
Wood Duck
Pat Parent
Wendigo Pond
Karen Yukich
Ridout Pond
Nicole Rulff
Ridout Pond
Barbi Lazarus
Ridout Pond in winter
Barbi Lazarus
Lower Duck Pond
Barbi Lazarus

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