Explore High Park

Boulevard Beds
This garden created by volunteers demonstrates how savannah plants can be used in a home garden. Located east of the Grenadier Restaurant parking lot.
The Tablelands
The savannah north of Grenadier Restaurant has been restored by volunteers through an Adopt a Plot program.     
Grenadier Pond
This large pond provides habitat for many species of wildlife.
Lower Duck Pond
There are several other ponds in the park.
Ridout Pond in winter
A more northern kind of forest.
Grenadier Pond
The marsh in winter.
Pollinator Garden
Visit the park's ornamental gardens. Many of the flowers are attractive to pollinators such as bees and butterflies.
Black Oak Savannah
High Park features a continentally rare black oak savannah with many prairie grasses and wildflowers.
Take a Guided Tour of the Black Oak Savannah with Sam Benvie
Tour prepared for a course at Ryerson University. Watch it on YouTube or Google Maps or this webapp.
Western Woodlands Nature Trail
Access this trail from Bloor St. across from Quebec Ave. or from the north end of Grenadier Pond.
More places to explore

Black Oak Savannah - High Park features a continentally rare plant community, the Black Oak Savannah.

Tablelands - Much of this area has been restored to native prairie/savannah habitat.

Grenadier Pond - Grenadier Pond is the largest of several ponds in High Park. It provides habitat for a variety of fish, turtles, dragonflies and damselflies, birds and other wildlife.

Other Ponds - Two water retention ponds, known as the Lower and Upper Duck ponds, are located in the southeast corner of the Park. Two other stormwater retention ponds are located in the northeast corner: Howard and Ridout Ponds.

Spring Creek - The historical course of Spring Creek, which now flows south beside Spring Road on the eastern side of High Park, lies buried beneath the neighbourhood north of the Park.

Wendigo Creek & Pond - Wendigo Creek, on the west side of High Park, originally started near today’s Dundas and Laws Streets.

Laurentian River - An ancient river runs under High Park.

Boulevard Beds - A wildflower demonstration garden located around the perimeter of the parking lot east of the Grenadier Restaurant.

Ornamental Gardens - The gardens of High Park are not only a feast for the eyes, but also provide valuable food and shelter for many insects and birds.

Sculpture Hill - Visit the remaining pieces from the sculpture symposium of Canada's centennial year.

High Park Labyrinth - an 11 circuit Chartres labyrinth open to the public all year round and enjoyed by people of all ages. What is a labyrinth? Map & photos

Dog Walking in High Park - Learn about the off-leash area and designated trails. All other areas of the park are on-leash. More details.

Contours of High Park - Learn how the park is shaped by its topography - a large plateau deeply dissected by two major stream valleys and associated tributary valleys.

Download High Park map

Please stay on the trail when you explore the Park's natural areas.

More Links

High Park Tour with Sam Benvie

Watch this guided tour of the Black Oak Savannah and High Park ecosystem on YouTube. Also available on Google Maps or this webapp.


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