Poetry And Passion In The Park with Julia Bennett

Please join us for our regular 90 minute Sunday walk. Join Julia Bennett as she leads a walking tour filled with poetry and passion. Julia will share special readings and translations of poems, including a focus on the works of Lesya Ukrainska. Put…

My Favorite Places with Sarah Doucette

Please join us for our regular 90 minute Sunday walk. Come and discover some of Sarah Doucette’s favorite places in High Park. Sarah is the former city councillor for the area and now serves as the Executive Director at Swansea…

The Trees of High Park

Our walking tour leader this week is Don Scallen, a lifelong naturalist and a nature writer. Among his passions are birds, herptiles, butterflies, wildflowers and, of course, trees. Don leads an annual caterpillar/butterfly session at High Park in mid-summer. He…

Who Goes To The Park

Join Mark Ellwood as he leads you through the park on a walk that celebrates the beautiful artwork featured in the book, “Who Goes To The Park.” The book of illustrations and poems was created by Warabe Aska in 1984.…

Art In The Park

Please join us for our regular 90-minute Sunday walk. There are a number of beautiful sculptures and statues in the park – some tucked away and some in plain site. Art enthusiast and former teacher Grace Petrucci will introduce you…

Invasive Plants and Animals

Join Stephen Smith as he leads us on an informative walk to learn about plants and animals that have taken over parts of the park, and what can be done to control them. Stephen Smith is a forester and certified arborist…

Caterpillars, Moths, and Butterflies

Don Scallen dove into the natural world as a little boy and has remained immersed ever since. He’s a birder, butterfly blitzer, fish watcher and a native plant aficionado. He is also captivated by insects including caterpillars and moths. For…

Plants and Pollinators

Join Clement Kent as he leads you on a journey of exploration, discovering High Park’s plants and pollinators. Clement is an avid gardener and lover of nature. He’ll entertain you with his insights, demonstrations, and even some quizzes.

A look into High Park’s prescribed burns

Ever wanted to know more about the prescribed burn program at High Park? Join us for a guided look at some of the burn sites that were recently completed! You’ll hear about some of the goals, achievements and process of conducting a…

Spring Awakening Photo Buff Walk

David Allen is a professional photographer who has been taking pictures in High Park for decades In this lively and interactive walk, David will show you how to get the perfect picture. Whether you are interested in flowers, animals, people,…

Architecture and Structures

Discover the wonderful variety of buildings and structures in High Park. Tour leader Mark Ellwood is the son of a well-known Montreal architect. He has done volunteer construction and design work on a number of buildings, including the Revue Cinema.…

Toronto Biennial of Art at Colborne Lodge

Explore public artworks in High Park and the ways in which they respond to the natural landscape in a 2-hour tour. This tour will include work by Marguerite Humeau and Eduardo Navarro that have been installed at Colborne Lodge as…








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Wetland Plants

Invasive Plants