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HIGH PARK NATURE is a joint project of the High Park Natural Environment Committee and High Park Stewards. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, articles and photos. Please contact us at mail@highparknature.org

ABOUT THE PHOTOS: Most of the photos on this site were contributed by local photographers and taken in High Park. Please do not copy or reproduce them without permission. If you would like to contribute photos (low resolution) for this website, please contact us at mail@highparknature.org

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Restoration Challenges

- Controlling Invasive Plants

- Ontario Invasive Plants Council.

- Invasive Plant Index (US) (great photos).

- Controlling Invasive Plants - City of Toronto (pdf).

- Mute Swan Population Management in High Park

Restoration Results

- Improvements for Wildlife

Restoration Techniques

- Prescribed Burns

- Oak Regeneration

- Plantings of Native Species

- Sustainable Trails

- Stormwater Ponds

- Phosphorus Reduction

- Fluctuating Water Levels

- Monitoring Water Quality

See also:

- High Park's status as an Environmentally Significant Area:

- Urban Forestry High Park projects

- Restoration Handout from 2013 Walking Tour

- Restoration Handout from 2009 Walking Tour

- Planting the Seed A Guide to Establishing Prairie and Meadow Communities in Southern Ontario, Environment Canada

- Tallgrass Ontario website and literature page

- What is Ecological Restoration?

- High Park Woodland & Savannah Management Plan pdf (City of Toronto report, 2 mb)

- Human Impacts on Plant Life in High Park pdf by Wendy Rothwell. This article first appeared in the November 2006 issue of Toronto Field Naturalist, newsletter of Toronto Field Naturalists.

- Seasons article 1997

- Community Involvement in the Restoration of High Park pdf - paper on the history of the Volunteer Stewardship Program, 1999

- Oak Savannah Restoration presentation ppt by Beth McEwen and Jennifer Gibb, City of Toronto, Forestry, at a Wildland Fire Canada conference in October 2010.

- High Park Protocol - A Discussion Paper, 1997 pdf

- ANSI Report - A Botanical Inventory and Evaluation of the High Park Woodlands, S. Varga, 1989 pdf

- Proposals for the Rehabilitation of Grenadier Pond et al, Gartner Lee, 1995 Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

- Cameron Smith's Toronto Star column, A city jewel badly needs a benefactor (re: Grenadier Pond)

Young Oak
Janice Wilcox
Wild Lupine
Sharon Lovett
Himalayan Balsam
Mehdi Zarrei

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