High Park Terrestrial Biological Inventory - TRCA 2019 Excerpts and Full Report

High Park Woodland & Savannah Management Plan pdf (City of Toronto report, 2 mb)

Maps from High Park Woodland & Savannah Management Plan High Park Management Plan maps (pdf) (City of Toronto report, 1.3 mb)

Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants for High Park and the surrounding Humber Plains, 2008 prepared by Steve Varga, OMNR Plant List

Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park website: photographic guide with detailed species descriptions prepared by Wendy Rothwell

High Park Protocol - A Discussion Paper, 1997 prepared by Charles Kinsley pdf

ANSI Report - A Botanical Inventory and Evaluation of the High Park Woodlands, S. Varga, 1989 pdf

Proposals for the Rehabilitation of Grenadier Pond et al, Gartner Lee, 1995 Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs) in the City of Toronto report.

PARKS PLAN - The 2013-2017 Parks Plan was adopted by City Council on May 7, 2013.

City of Toronto's Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan - Environmental Assessment Study relating to Ellis Ave./Grenadier Pond projects:

Links to online nature based videos and training (pdf)

City ravines page: additional downloads re: Forestry Facts & Native Plant Lists, and Invasive Species Management.

TD TreeBee, Tree Identification Excellent resource for tree identification with photos of all parts of the tree. Track your own trees on their website and view selected Heritage trees in Southern Ontario. Designed especially for students.

City High Park page for general information about High Park.

A Survey of the Prairies and Savannas of Southern Ontario

Oak Savannas: Characteristics, Restoration and Long-Term Management (Wisconsin)

Toronto Once had a Prairie! article by Frank Remiz in Toronto Field Naturalist newsletter, February 2017 (more about Toronto Field Naturalists)

High Park Quarterly For five years, from Spring 1994 to Winter 1998, this magazine documented a very fertile period of restoration and community involvement in High Park. Articles also deal with park history, etc. Check it out!


Gardening Resources

Toronto Municipal Code - Parks: rules about behaviour in Toronto parks, e.g. not removing any plant material, not releasing animals into the park.

Livegreen Toronto contains a wide variety of groups, activities, awards, grants and activities to improve the environmental health of the city.

Toronto Community Stewardship Program: information on other city stewardship volunteer groups.

How-to Connect with Nature in the Park A Tool Kit prepared by Park People on ways to get involved in stewardship and the protection of nature in Toronto.



Toronto Ravines and Urban Forests by Jason Ramsay-Brown, 2015 Now available

Special places: the changing ecosystems of the Toronto region, 1999

HTO: Toronto's water from Lake Iroquois to lost rivers to low-flow toilets, 2008

Urban parks in Ontario, part I : origins to 1860, by Wright, J. R., 1983

Urban parks in Ontario, part II : the public park movement, 1860-1914 by Wright, J. R, 1983

Who goes to the park, by Warabé Aska, Tundra Books, 1984

Woodlot Biodiversity, 2nd edition, Newmaster Publishing, 2013. This edition contains over 580 pages, providing a field guide to over 500 species found in woodlots in Ontario and adjacent states within the USA. Although the book focuses on woody plants it also includes many common herbs, ferns, mosses lichens, birds and mammals.

A Landowner's Guide to Conserving Native Pollinators in Ontario, by Susan Chan; book in pdf, 2012. Also see Beefriend.org for links to other books from Pollinator books

The once and future Great Lakes country : an ecological history, by John Riley. A history of environmental change in the Great Lakes region.

For more  information about this VSP Guidebook, please see this poster (pdf) or Rare Plants Guidebook


Jewel Brochure An introduction to the natural features and restoration programs of High Park

Ask at your local Toronto Public Library for these free guidebooks on the biodiversity of Toronto. Download here.


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